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Germany is a particularly important part of our company. With well over 2,800 people working across the country, it is one of the Group's top 10 performing countries, and is the number 2 company in the German beer market.

The opportunity is here. Make it yours

Being the Best means having the best people

Talented people represent our most important, and indeed only sustainable competitive advantage

This takes a certain kind of person. One who shares our culture and our passion.

We are a non-hierarchical organization, and individual contributions are highly valued. Curiosity is important and movement within the business is encouraged and - if it's right for you - cross-functional roles may be part of your progression.

You'll have a good idea about your cultural fit if these attributes sound familiar.

We asked Stuart MacFarlane - Zone President Europe, what does it take to succeed at AB InBev, how can you fit in to the Dream, People. Culture...




Our people are highly motivated and take ownership. Our people really 'own' this company and they treat it as if it were their own.


You need to love our products, our ethos, our culture. Everything we do is geared towards creating enduring bonds with consumers through brands and experiences that bring people together.


You need to push, you need to overcome challenges, you need to keep going because you want to get the results.


Constantly, continually trying to make things better, you'll always look for positive change.