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Germany is a particularly important part of our company. With well over 2,800 people working across the country, it is one of the Group's top 10 performing countries, and is the number 2 company in the German beer market.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability means different things

In a business sense, sustainability means growth through investment, efficiency and increasing value.

But none of that happens without corporate social responsibility and we take ours seriously - it is the area where we apply our values to everything from the way we deal with suppliers, retailers and consumers - to encourage responsible enjoyment of our beers, protecting the environment and giving back to communities we operate in.

Disaster relief

Social responsibility

Responsible drinking

Our primary responsibility to our consumers is to make sure that or products are of the highest quality. However, as the leader in the beer industry, we recognise the importance of encouraging the responsible enjoyment of our products. We promote responsible drinking and discourage alcohol abuse, including drunk driving and underage drinking, through focused consumer campaigns. We ensure our own marketing and sales activities support our position on responsible drinking. And we promote responsibility internally through our employee responsible drinking policies.


The sustainability of our business and sustainability of the environment go hand in hand. Since our products come from the earth, we understand that what's good for the environment is also good for business. In practice this means being as efficient as possible in or use of natural resources, such as the water we use to brew our beers; recycling our by-products and waste; and taking on the shared challenges of the future, such as climate change, by reducing our carbon footprint. This also includes our work up and down the value chain to help suppliers understand and support our initiatives.


With operations in 25 countries, our company has a far-reaching economic impact in the communities in which we operate through the jobs we create and the wages and taxes we pay. Our position as a competitive, well-managed company generating long-term value for our shareholders allows us the opportunity to give back. Recognising differences among cultures around the world, or community support takes many forms, from employees volunteering their time for a community beautification project, to a donation of canned water in times of disaster, to charitable donations.